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Lisa Anselmo has spent most of her professional career in magazine publishing, working on such iconic brands as Allure, Mademoiselle, InStyle, and People. She’s been everything from a creative director to an opera singer, but ultimately, she has followed her passion for storytelling and inspiring people.

As a coach, Anselmo helps writers, start-ups, and individuals find passionate converts. “Whether you're writing a book or creating a product, you have to connect on a personal level with consumers, and it has to be genuine. I work with creatives and brands to find their “soul”—their meaning, their purpose. What is the story only you can tell? You need a deep understanding of why your message matters, what you add to people’s lives. I lead you to that understanding—then get everyone to drink the same Kool-Aid.” 

Anselmo started traveling to Paris regularly more than ten years ago—at first, to cover the fashion trade shows for a lifestyle website. But soon, she had cultivated friends—both Parisians and expats—and eventually built another life across the ocean. After losing her mother to breast cancer, she was motivated to make her other life official, buying an apartment in Paris's Right Bank. 

Her blog, My (Part-Time) Paris Life, chronicles her life between New York and Paris. She is the author of the memoir of the same name, published by Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Press, and is a candid story of a woman searching for hope and healing in the city she loves. Her series, on Youtube, showcases Parisians and expats who, like her, have taken a risk to change their lives.

Anselmo's articles have appeared in New York magazine, AARP, Bonjour Paris, and The Local, Paris’s largest expat website. And she has been featured in New York magazine’s The Cut, Bustle, Travel + Leisure, the BBC, HGTV’s House Hunters International, Rudy Maxa's World, and International Living.

Very involved in historic preservation in Paris, Anselmo co-founded No Love Locks, an organization that works with the mayor’s office in Paris to protect the city’s UNESCO World Heritage district currently devastated by the “love locks” tourist trend. Anselmo and No Love Locks have received international press, most notably The Today Show, BBC, CNN International, NPR, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, Associated Press, Le Parisien, and Le Monde to name a few.

Her new project, Save the Paris Café, a collab celebrating Paris café culture, has been featured in Taste of France magazine, and The Local France.

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